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Spring Event Recap

Amidst testing season, graduation and college preparation, students still kept busy with the Elevation Scholars Program.

Boot Camps: Resume Building & Writing Workshop

Over 50 students came out for the final two boot camps of the school year. Students spent a day at UCF developing and refining their resumes, learning how to find value in all involvements. At Rollins, a writing workshop taught students how to choose an essay topic, share their stories, and stand out against other applicants.

Dress Closet

In preparation for their award ceremony, the 2018 scholars were treated to a pamper day, organized by the Glenda Morgan Charitable Foundation. With over 100 dresses donated from program partners, each student went home with an outfit for their big day. The guys got suited up during a shopping trip with the program’s president, Scott Lee.

Gator for a Day

Several of the 2017 scholars headed up to the University of Florida to spend a day with inaugural award winner Revel Lubin. This was just one of the many opportunities students had to explore a college campus and experience what it is like being a college student for a day. Three of the scholars will be joining the UF family this fall.