The Elevation Scholars Program

The Elevation Scholars Program transforms distressed communities through education. The program’s goal is to increase college access for high-achieving students from modest backgrounds and ensure successful completion of a college degree from the nation’s most selective college and universities.

Working Together To Make Dreams A Reality

The Elevation Scholars Program is fortunate to work with an amazing group of students. Despite facing challenges that others can only imagine, they excel in character and in academics. We develop personal relationships with our students exposing them to new career possibilities, guiding them through the demanding college admissions process, helping them fully fund college expenses, and providing support during their college studies.

Longer term, we believe our students have great power to change their communities for the better – helping reverse the cycle of neighborhood poverty. Bottom line, we encourage our students to DREAM BIG. Then we work together to make those dreams a reality.

Students reached
Average weighted GPA of Scholars Award Finalist
$ 2.74  M
Financial aid awarded to 2017 Elevation Scholars
$ 249  K
Average largest scholarship package offered to students
A college admissions award provided to high-performing, high-need students who have dreams of attending the nation’s elite colleges and universities. Students are selected based on strong character displays of service, kindness and discipline as well as an expressed innate desire to positively change the world through leadership.

Elevation Scholars Award

• Winners chosen annually from five partner schools
• Five-year individual support packages averaging $20,000
• Admissions assistance and ongoing staff support starting after their junior year in high school and continuing through their graduation from college
An interactive space for high-performing students to build their dreams and maximize their college options while developing them into generational world-transformers. Membership begins in the ninth grade at participating schools.

Elevation Scholars Club

• Gain a significant amount of information, exposure and experiences essential to attain college admissions
• Connect with local professionals in various fields to expand and clarify career options
• Enjoy new experiences to broaden their horizons

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