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Elevation Scholar Q&A: Edna Ulysse


Edna Ulysse is a senior at Evans High School and one of our two 2017 Elevation Scholars Award winners. She has maintained a 4.7 weighted GPA and is a part of the IB program at her high school. She plans on studying Political Science and aspires to attend Columbia University in New York. Over the summer, Edna interned at Elevation’s office, attended college coaching sessions and participated in several professional learning opportunities, known as Horizon Events, with the Elevation Scholars Program. Reflecting on these experiences, Edna shares some of her biggest takeaways:

What Elevation summer opportunity resonated with you the most?

“The variety of Horizon events that we participated in definitely impacted me because they really opened my mind and perspective on the different ways which people can serve others. When we think of serving people we often think of customer service or medicine; being able to learn about and explore different careers where I’m able to serve people and enjoy my work was beneficial to me.”

How has interning with the Elevation Scholars Program impacted your summer?

“I have been going to college coaching sessions, and Elevation has allowed me time to complete all of my coaching assignments and summer assignments from school. The internship taught me to be more focused and bettered my time management skills, and also gave me the chance to work in a professional office for the first time.”

Are there any upcoming Elevation events that you are looking forward to?

“I am looking forward to the Horizon talk with David Witter about the shifts between the third and fourth Industrial Revolutions. He is going to speak on how we can survive, if you will, in the changing economy. We will learn how to become skillful and strategic adults with our finances in the new economy, so I’m really looking forward to this.”

What do you love most about being an Elevation scholar?

“I honestly just love what the program stands for and the help they are allowing us to receive. I love being a part of something that gives me the opportunity to reach my full potential, and I love seeing the benefit this program has on those who are helping me as well.”